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Sheet Metal Components
  - Automobile Radiator Components
  - Automobile Components
  - Contacts, etc. for Electrical Switches
  - Stator and Rotor Laminations for Electric Motors
  - Parts for White Goods
We offer the best in Precision sheet-metal components. Large or small, short run or production, we can meet your needs. We have the Most Modern equipment available and highly trained personnel. You are guaranteed accuracy. We are complete sheet metal fabrication shop.

Our press shop includes one shearing machine; power presses ranging from 10 Tons to 75 Tons; and one 150 Ton double action hydraulic press. To run progressive tools, feeders, coilers and de-coilers are also available.

We have facilities for sub-assembly, i.e. Spot Welding, Arc Welding, Brazing, Soldering, Annealing and De-burring. We have experienced press operators, welders, and brazing operator to carry out above operations.